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Bed Bugs

Are you suffering from bed bugs?

Not Anymore!

Pest Proof Pest Management offers professional bed bug removal. If you're suffering from bed bugs, give us a call so we can neutralize the problem for you!

Exclusion & Sanitation

Have pests made a mess in your home?

We'll Clean It For You!

Pest Proof Pest Management offers pest clean up and exclusion services. This service includes finding and sealing any entrance points for unwanted pests. Additionally, we'll take care of the mess they left too!

Pest Assessment

Unsure if you have a pest problem?

Let Us Take A Peek!

Pest Proof offers in-home pest assessments. If you're worried about your home or the insects surrounding it, we will come to your property to give an honest assessment of the potential problems!

Rodent & Wildlife Removal

Do you have a rodent or wildlife problem?

You're Looking At Your Solution!

Pest Proof Pest Management can remove any type of infestation, rodents or wildlife included. Rodents and wildlife can be quite damaging to your home, if you notice an issue, we advise calling us as soon as possible!

Pest Maintenance

Do those pesky pests keep coming back?

Not On Our Watch!

Pest Proof offers comprehensive pest maintenance plans for all of your pest problems. With the selection of one of our plans, you can kiss any current infestations goodbye and ensure they won't return in the future.

Termite Remediation & Control

Are termites feasting on your home equity?

Not If We Can Help!

Pest Proof offers termite remediation and control services. If your home is being eaten by termites, allow us to do what we do best, pest control. We have all of the tools required to remove the problem and make sure it never comes back.


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About Pest Proof

Pest Proof is an independent, locally owned and operated natural pest control company located in Manassas, Virginia. We offer homeowners a balanced solution to pest extermination and remediation by delivering products and services that are both effective and ecologically sound.

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Eric Giving In-Home Pest Assessment

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Pest And Wildlife Control Testimonials

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  • review rating 5  I agree with Mr. Harumi's review. Mr. Alex Canales, our technician, does an absolutely amazing job every single time. He's not only a very nice person but also an ultimate professional who does everything is in his power to address any pest issue in the best possible and most effective way. Because of our extremely positive experience with Alex, I wholeheartedly and strongly recommend Pest Proof.

    thumb Bruce Tripp

    review rating 5  I’m the president of an HOA in Fairfax, and we switched to Pest Proof last year. We were having issues with rodents and our past company was not servicing our stations as they should have. Pest proof came out the same day I called, took a detailed assesment of the property and provided a reasonable estimate for service for our community. They found and labeled all our boxes, restocked them and placed new boxes where we were missing. Immediately we saw a decrease in rodent activity. They have consistently made reasonable and affordable suggestions to issues we have had with various pests cropping up, and been exceedingly pleasant to work with. We are very very pleased with the service to our community and look forward to working with Pest Proof for many years to come.

    thumb Laurie Brill
  • review rating 5  Pest Proof is fantastic! They have excellent customer service, provide prompt and comprehensive service, and all technicians and company reps have been a pleasure to deal with. Pest Proof has treated both the interior and exterior of our home, and any observable pest activity has quickly disappeared. I highly recommend this company!

    thumb Deborah Gilman

    review rating 5  Mr. Alex Canales is our technician and he does an absolutely amazing job every single time. He's not only a very nice person but also an ultimate professional who does everything is in his power to address any pest issue in the best possible and most effective way. Because of our extremely positive experience with Alex, I wholeheartedly and strongly recommend Pest Proo

    thumb Dale Conlon
  • review rating 5  As a Top producing Realtor (a member of the National Association of Realtors) anyone I use or recommend is a direct reflection back upon me and my stellar reputation. I use PestProof exclusively for all of my pest certifications and remediation needs because they do an outstanding job at a fair price. I can trust them not to sprinkle some sawdust and say “Oh look, you need a $500 termite treatment” as others have done in the past. The team at PestProof are top notch, and I don’t throw out recommendations like this lightly.

    thumb Jim Minor

    review rating 5  The owner is clear and careful to explain all the options and what is actually needed. They found a serious problem I didn't realize I had (major rat tunnels in my crawl space) They solved it in an efficient and cost effective way, and have been taking good care of my home since. They are able to treat my home and lot and keep my dogs and my pond free of risk. Highly recommend this company!

    thumb Linda Leslie

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