About Us

Pest Proof Pest Management offers the best pest removal, pest control services, and environmental activism. The philosophy that is evident in every job is to be as conscious of the natural world as possible while keeping homes and families safe from invasive pests.


Pest Proof Pest Management only uses environmentally safe products and ecologically secure practices. While mice, ants, and other critters naturally do what they do, we do what we do to keep them in check, naturally.

The customers of  Pest Proof Pest Management receive the best insect control service available in Manassas, VA, and the surrounding areas. We ensure top-notch service to guarantee the removal of unwanted pests and critters at a reasonable price. Our team understands the stress that comes with having pests and wildlife intruders in the house.


Each of the techniques that Pest Proof Pest Management utilizes is environmentally safe, whether we're exterminating termites or dealing with some sort of varmint.

Our Pest Removal Technicians

  • Our Technicians Receive Ongoing Training to ensure we continue to lead the industry standards in:

    • Safety​

    • Wildlife removal and safety

    • Non-invasive removal techniques

    • Preventative maintenance 

  • We Offer the Convenience of Scheduling by Phone or Online at any time.

  • All Team Members Undergo pre-employment drug screening and extensive background checks.

  • Our Guarantee to You is Professional Results at an Affordable Price!

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Memberships and Associations

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