Are Pesticides As Safe As Your Pest Control Company Claims?

Pesticides are created to kill, and there are certain toxins involved in making them. If your pest control company claims that their product is absolutely harmless for humans, take it as a red flag. However, that doesn’t mean you have to risk your health to get rid of the pesky intruders in your beloved abode. That is where a reliable and responsible Pest Control company can play a significant role.

AT Pest Proof, we are well aware of the risks and hazards that come with the products we spray, and we are well-versed in safety and protection. From the equipment that minimizes the risks to helping homeowners and residents take necessary precautions, we cover each and every aspect. Proudly boasting a highly experienced and qualified team of professionals, we go out of our way to make our customers comfortable with their decision.

Moreover, we are highly particular about the products we choose. We won’t just arrive and bombard your home with the deadliest mix of chemicals. In fact, we take our time to investigate and identify the exact problem and its core cause in order to make sure it is eliminated with the least amount of pesticide required. Lastly, we will leave you with the necessary knowledge to prevent any health issue and future infestation.

If you have any hard-hitting questions regarding the safety of our pesticides and process, rest assured that we won’t digress from answering them in as much detail as possible. Call us now!