Attic Insulation

Seal Your Home Against Pests

Install pest control insulation in your Manassas or Woodbridge, VA home.


Pest Proof Pest Management are certified wildlife specialists trained in the art of attic restoration. The insulation in your Manassas, VA, or Fredericksburg, VA home makes an inviting habitat for pests and wildlife? Rely on the pros at Pest Proof Pest Management to remove your contaminated insulation, sanitize your walls and install pest control insulation designed to keep wildlife out.

Attic Remediation Services include;

  • Removal of any wildlife and pests that have made themselves at home

  • Seal the home from the outside including all carpentry work

  • Clean up any feces, urine stains, and/or nesting materials, as well as vacuum up dust/dirt left over.

  • Add new insulation at an R factor of your choice

Attic Insulation Remediation

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