Get Rid Of Carpet Beetles Through Professional Pest Proofing

Carpet beetles are among those pest species that are more than a source of inconvenience and irritation. Their adults and larvae can inflict substantial damage to all the fabric items in the house. They even get their name “carpet beetle” due to their severe animosity to any textile and fabric-based house articles.

Why are carpet beetles enemies of fabrics?

Carpet beetles have a natural tendency to feed on plant material known as cellulose. Most of the fabric and textile threads which are used to make upholstery, carpets and other clothing materials are made of such raw material of plants. Therefore, all these house stuff is greatly susceptible to the damage caused by eating habits of carpet beetles.

Signs of carpet beetle presence in your house

If you notice any of these below mentioned signs in your house, then you are facing a problem of carpet beetle infestation and it’s time to call for a professional pest proofing service:

  • Accumulation of skin scaling of darker shades and fecal material on and around the side of carpets and alongside the baseboards.
  • If you notice very tiny and oval-shaped living species in your clothing, carpets and any other places then call for a professional inspection because these might be carpet beetle larvae ready to damage your valuables.

Damages of carpet beetles demands a professional assistance

Even if you have identified the problem of carpet beetles on your own, you still need to call for a professional assistance to get rid of them due to the degree of damage and inconvenience they can cause:

  • Carpet beetles prefer secluded places to live and breed where they can also find material to feed on. Therefore grains and other food items stored in your kitchen cabinets can be spoiled and become inedible with carpet beetle infestation.
  • Larvae of carpet beetles are famous for making clothing and other fabric material unusable by eating through them.
  • Peeled off skin of carpet beetles can induce dermatitis and other secondary skin allergies in family members.

If carpet beetle infestation has already come to this stage, then it is inevitable to call for a professional help to get rid of carpet beetles from your house.

Treatment procedure of professional pest proofing services

1)   Inspection

To target the actual sites of carpet infestation, professionals commence their treatment activity with a comprehensive inspection. It also helps in determining the severity of infestation which guides pest control technicians to implement appropriate chemicals and insecticides.

2)   Non-residual insecticide application

The actual professional treatment begins with applying non-residual insecticide chemicals to all the affected areas. This step immediately kills the majority of the population of carpet beetles.

3)   Application of residual insecticides and Insect growth regulators

In the final step of professional carpet beetle treatment, technicians simultaneously apply residual insecticide products and insect growth regulators. This twofold action helps in preventing infestation rebound and destroying their reproduction cycle. Residual application of insecticide is also carried out to reach spaces which remain untreated in the first step.

So, call for a professional help in case you have identified the problem of carpet beetle in your house for getting rid of these damning pests once and for all.