How NOT To Control Squirrels

Sometimes when homeowners discover that squirrels are
residing in their homes, they decide to take matters into
their own hands. After all, how difficult can it be to
control gray squirrels? Of course, they don’t want to hurt
the squirrels, so they decide that they will use a
non-lethal form of control. One of the ideas that people
think of is to wait till the squirrel is out of the house to
forage for food, and then climb a ladder and secure the
This way the squirrel isn’t harmed and it can’t get back
into the house.

Simple right?
Well, not so fast. While the idea sounds logical, ideas and
the real world sometimes doesn’t agree.
Consider the following questions:
1. Did all the squirrels leave before you secured the

2. Were there young left behind?

3. Did you secure the hole well enough to prevent

4. Can the squirrel find another spot on the house to
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