Importance Of Pest Proofing Your Garden

For any household, having a garden adjacent to the house is a blessing. Garden spaces provide you with a relaxing outdoor experience in your own house parameter. And not only that, the area can also be used to cultivate seasonal vegetables and fruits as well to save you some bucks while getting fresh and organic staple food. A regularly spruced garden also helps in increasing the curb appeal of your house and your contribution to a healthy environment and ecosphere.

But even if you are taking good care of your garden, different pest infestations can seep a life out of your lovely and vivacious garden. That is why having regular pest treatment for your garden is as important as taking care of its water, soil and weed removals.

Damaging the foliage

There is a whole range of insect species that feed on plant material. Aphids, Japanese beetles, and other such insects can destroy the plants by feeding on their leaves. These insects can spoil plants and their respective fruits, vegetables, and flowers.

Then there are more lethal type of pests that that can kill the plant altogether. For instance, insects such as fly maggots, beetle grubs, earwigs and moth caterpillars directly attack the roots and bulbs of plants resulting in the death of the entire plant.

Attractants for rodents

Pest infestation in your garden can hit you with a double whammy: not only will it destroy the shrubbery of the space, but it can also lead to a scenario where your home garden can transform into a rodent sanctuary. Rats, mice, voles etc feed on these insects. Plenty of insects in your garden mean you have to host other unwanted guests in your outdoor space.

Bites and Stings

Pest infestation can even directly sting you (pun intended). If you are not maintaining a regular pest proofing for your garden then it can flourish with insects that instead of feeding on plants bit and sting animals and humans. Ticks, wasps, bees, gnats, bed buds, horse flies and bed bugs etc can infest your garden or vegetation space. All of them are notorious for their inflammatory and irritating bites. What’s the point of having a green and natural outdoor space if it transforms into a no-go area due to pest infestation?

Prevention of pest infestation in your garden

Few tips and measures can help you in preventing any pest plague in your outdoor space.

Picking less-vulnerable garden plants

Some plant species are inherently more vulnerable to infestations. Therefore, do some beforehand research before getting any sapling for your garden.

Beneficial bugs

Encourage the growth of bugs that feed on other insects instead of plants and animals. Lacewings, damsel bugs and ladybugs can help you with reducing the degree of pest infestation.

Routine pest proofing

There is no substitute for having a routine pest proofing for your garden from professionals. They are capable to accurately identify the pest problem in your garden and its effective treatment. They also implement environmental friendly pest proofing methods which are not dangerous for vegetation and beneficial insects.

Having a mix of these preventive methods can help you in maintaining a garden that is disease free and ever-ready for outdoor activities.