Pest Infestation, Food Safety And Importance Of Pest-Proofing

For any business dealing in food items, food safety is a must for the sustenance and viability of their operations. If you are not familiar with the concept of food safety then we are shedding some light on this important aspect of the food business.

What is food safety?

Food safety is a separate discipline dealing with the handling, storage, and preparation of food and with measures taken to prevent any food-borne illnesses. For every food establishment, maintaining a certain standard of food safety is necessary to operate.

Nevertheless, adopting food safety measures are not limited to business. Household kitchens can also cause food-related diseases; hence, getting food safety measures is equally important for them.

Connection of pest infestation with food safety

As per the statistics from CDC, one in six people in the US gets affected by foodborne illnesses, and nearly 3,000 people annually die due to such diseases. These diseases are often spread by certain pests that infect food with certain pathogens and microorganisms. The most notorious pests in this regard include the following:


If you are witnessing the continuous presence of cockroaches in your kitchen area then it’s the sign to get alarmed because this insect is known to possess more than two dozen of different bacteria strains, six parasitic worms and nearly the same number of human pathogens.

They affect the food items and ingredients with their fecal droppings and saliva. Since they usually reside in drains and other germ-infested places, therefore their legs can also carry a variety of dangerous microorganisms.


Different sub-species of flies such as fruit flies and house flies have the natural tendency to get attracted towards food aroma. More than hundred bacteria can be transferred to the food items through flies. Some of the notorious microorganisms that infect food via flies are E. coli, Salmonella, and Asiatic cholera. Flies can also become the carrier for different parasitic worms.


Rodents are the most dangerous pests that can jeopardize the food safety because of their size. For instance, mice are not only the carriers of Hantavirus and Salmonella but they can also spread the food born diseases through lice, fleas, and ticks residing in their skin.

Importance of Pest proofing for food safety

It has become very evident from the above discussion that food safety faces a great challenge in the form of pest infestation and an efficient way to address this problem is to have your kitchen space pest-proof from a professional pest control service.

In addition to preventing foodborne diseases, pest-proofing is also important for ventures to prevent loss of consumer confidence in the business, which can ultimately lead to loss of customers and revenues.

Whether you want to pest-proof your food establishment or your house for the sake of food safety, it is always beneficial to avail the services of professional Pest Control Company.