The Importance Of Getting Rid Of Rodents

Not all pest problems are related to pesky insects. Sometimes, it’s the larger pests, like rodents that can take a liking to your home and infest your house. Needless to say, they are good at quickly wreaking havoc and costly damages. If you are cohabitating with mice, rats, or moles, etc., then you must know that you will face several severe consequences if the rodent infestation is not dealt with immediately.

Structural damages to the property

Most of the rodents that infest houses (rats, mice, moles, and voles) have natural gnawing characteristics. When they infest a house, this rodent trait can result in several structural damages to the house. Let’s go through some of them to know about the extent of rodent damage in the house.

Damage to electrical and thermal insulation

Rats and mice are notorious to chew off electrical and thermal insulations in the house. Nibbling on these insulations help them with sharpening their teeth. This habit of rodents can cause a failure of electrical components in the house with chewed off wires and cables. Thermal insulations installed in the house, that increase the effectiveness of HVAC system, are also susceptible to rodent teeth. Damaged thermal insulations will eventually result in a hike in the utility bills.

Roof damage

If your house structure integrates more of timber especially in the roof, then black rats can significantly damage your house with their activity. Wooden roof eave usually becomes the target of these rodents and their gnawing can create holes in it. Since eaves form the overhang of the house, openings in it can make way for other pests and rainwater.

Fabric damage

The extent of rodent damage in the household can go too far, and even your everyday clothing items are not safe from them. Mice are small and hyperactive rodents that can even reach your closets and wardrobes resulting into the damage of fabric items kept there.

Carrying many diseases

Rodents are loaded with diseases. They are able to directly and indirectly spread many diseases. These diseases are usually spread through their fecal material and urine. Hantavirus and salmonellosis are two notable diseases caused by rat infestation.

In general, diseases that are caused by rodents results into a disturbed digestive systems because many times they affect the food items in the kitchen. In rare cases, rodent-transmitted diseases can also become fatal.

Destroying the outdoor space

From rats to voles, all these pesky rodents are able to damage your garden or yard, especially the vegetation in that space. They can quickly damage the turf of a well-maintained garden and lawn. Outdoors, seedlings and low hanging flower bulbs will usually become the first casualty of a rodent infestation.

Apart from all its damages, hosting rodents in your house will not have a good impression of your household on the visitors. Guests might get reluctant in consuming the foods prepared in the kitchen heavily infested by rodents. It is important to get rid of rodents promptly by hiring professional services to prevent property damages, health complications and social embarrassment.