Why One Should Prefer An Environment Friendly Pest Proofing?

Thankfully, adopting environment-friendly measures in everyday life are gradually transforming into norms. Like any other field, the domain of pest control has also witnessed this change and companies now offer their services with a commitment to environmental activism for a greener planet. Let’s look into some of the beneficial features of environment-friendly pest proofing and why you should give it preference over conventional ones.

Better for the environment

Let’s start with the bird’s eye view. The first and foremost reason to adopt environment-friendly pest proofing is to make sure that the actions and activities you are undertaking to protect yourself are not causing any harm to the environment. Collectively, we humans have already caused some irreversible damage to our environment for which future generations will pay the price. Environment-friendly pest-proofing techniques are rather harmless for animals, vegetation, earth, and water.

Safer for household

The remaining traces of strong chemical pesticides are potentially harmful especially for vulnerable house members (children and pets). With eco-friendly pest treatments, you don’t have to worry about the after effects of it. Also, you don’t have to suffer from the overbearing, repulsive and nauseating smell of pesticides following the treatment.

Uncontaminated water supply

With conventional pest control products, many people have their reservations with its effect on the water supply of the house. Their fears are not unwarranted because chemical fumes and aerosols can infuse the water supply into the house, becoming a health hazard for everyone.

No issue of pesticide resistance

In all these years following the commercialization of pest control products, many insect species have become resistant to certain insecticides. It is a well-known fact that mosquitoes easily become resistant to the effects of DDT due to genetic mutations in their offspring. Environment-friendly pesticide products are relatively new for the insect population and therefore pests are still not able to resist their effects.

Food chain remains intact

Non-disrupted food chains are very important for the survival of ecosystem in its healthy state. Conventional pest control products don’t differentiate between healthy and harmful insects and therefore their actions result in the commotion of the whole food chain of insects where useful ones can’t be able to eat harmful ones. Environment-friendly pest products don’t kill useful insects ensuring unbroken food chain for better and healthier environment.

Multi-pronged strategy

There is another reason that environment-friendly pest control services should be preferred in conventional ways of getting rid of pests. Eco-friendly pest control treatments are usually comprised of multiple ways of getting rid of pests without destroying the environment.

For instance, they use eco-friendly mechanical techniques and methods for getting rid of pests, like using pheromones and sticky traps. To get rid of flying insects, they use electrical fly lights. Biological control has also been used to get rid of pests in the domain of eco- friendly methods. Biological control entails the altering of genetic coding of harmful insects and rodents in order to slow down their reproduction and their harmful characteristics.

To contribute your share in making the ecosphere healthier, call for a professional pest-proof service that believes in environmental activism.