Wildlife Removal Services

Pest Proof Pest Management is licensed and insured for your wildlife removal and pest control services. All of our professionals receive ongoing training to keep up with the industry's best practices for the safe removal of wildlife from your home and the release back into their natural habitat. When you contact Pest Proof Pest Management to assist in the removal of wildlife, your satisfaction is our guarantee!

Don't Let Wildlife Damage Your Home

Depend on Pest Proof Pest Management for wildlife removal services in Manassas & Woodbridge, VA, and the surrounding areas


Wildlife invaders, like raccoons, mice, and bats, are not only annoying-they can damage your structures and spread disease. Instead of living with unwelcome intruders, rely on the pros at Pest Proof Pest Management for thorough wildlife removal services.

Our experts can treat your home for:



Flying Squirrels

Mice and Rats






Schedule wildlife removal services at your Manassas or Woodbridge, VA, and the surrounding areas home by contacting us today.

Raccoon Damage Repair

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