Winter Is Here: Pest Proof Guide For Winters

For the resident of Westeros, the coming winter might indicate the danger of white walkers. But actual winters in real life can come with another sort of trouble in the form of pest infestation. To make sure that you are not hosting any uninvited guests in winters, the following are some measures that can help you in making your house pest-proof.

Quickly deal with home repairs and maintenance

It’s always better to have your utilities checked and repaired at the end of summer season. Summer storms, heavy rains, and general all-year wear and tear can make your home vulnerable to a pest problem. Additionally, worn out window fittings, broken chimney or mold within the ceiling and walls—all these signs show that your house has become a perfect place for winter invasion of pests. Be diligent and have these repairs made before the arrival of the winter season.

While having house repairs, it would be a good move to have a pest inspection from professionals to ensure that your winters are not going to be spoiled by pesky pests.

Keep your kitchen and bathrooms dry as much as possible

Many species of insects find humid and moist conditions suitable for their growth and reproduction. In summers, the humidity levels are usually higher in non-arid regions, allowing insects to flourish anywhere in the environment.

But as the winter approaches, the humidity levels start to decrease and insects start facing difficulties in finding sanctuaries with adequate damp conditions. Kitchen and bathroom spaces in our houses remain damp all year long, making them the perfect habitat for various insect types. Therefore, keeping these places as dry as possible will make it difficult for insects to survive through the season. Many people are not aware of this trick but it can save you from potential pest infestation without spending any bucks.

Don’t forget to maintain the landscape

Winter blues is an outcome of the seasonal affective disorder. The down, depressed, and lackadaisical atmosphere of winter gripes many people. One consequence is that people overlook many of their routine tasks. One of them is regularly maintaining the landscape and shrubbery of the house.

Insects find extended weed and shrubbery a perfect shelter in winters. If you are inadvertently providing them a shelter with your outdoor space then in no time the pest infestation from your lawn or yard will move inside the interior. Try to maintain well-trimmed vegetation and shrubbery in your outside space or else call for a professional help to make that space pest-proof.

Take care of the firewood

Fireplaces in the living rooms get animated during winters. If you have a traditional fireplace in your residence then you must have to stash firewood somewhere. Wood is another favorite item for many types of pests. Try to keep the stash far away from your house or store them in the place that has gone through professional pest proofing.

If you are excited about the incoming season and its festivities, then we are here to help you to maintain that fervor with our proficient services of pest-proofing.